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Course Overview

Introduction to Abacus

  • WHAT 

Abacus learning programme provides significant benefits to children in enhancing the learning skills, photographic memory, visualisation skills, increasing speed, higher concentration, attaining accuracy and proficiency in all subjects. 

  • WHY 

Their test scores are likely to be higher, their confidence is greater, and their opportunities in school and life can outweigh their peers. 

  • HOW 

The brain consists of two hemispheres, the left and the right. The left side of the brain is used for logical processing, mathematical functions, sequencing and linear processes. The left side of the brain is what is trained first when children are taught math traditionally. The right side of the brain is for imagination, visualisation, intuition and rhythm. When children are taught the abacus, it taps the right side of their brain.

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Dec 05 2022 - Dec 04 2024

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